High Society

High Society is a mobile slot game that can take you up to the skies. This fast paced twenty line title from Microgaming is geared up around its dual free spin round feature, which uses some innovative wild reel and locked wild techniques to help you bring in the cash.

Don’t be fooled by the classic base-game formula on offer from this slot, there’s a whole load of reel powered action waiting for you when you hit the bonus round, and with a pay-table that’s weighted towards the big combinations, this is one game that will keep you coming back for more…

How does the High Society Base-Game work?

The High Society base-game is very simple. This uses a classic five reel slot set up featuring twenty pay-lines giving you a format that’s instantly recognisable and immediately accessible. There are plenty of big wins available here with the top jackpot awards coming in at four thousand, five thousand and six thousand coins. However, it’s not just about the combination wins – there are a couple of special symbols to help you rake in the wins here. These are as follows:

– High Society Wild Symbol – These appear on the first and last reels of the slot game. They operate in the standard manner, substituting where-ever possible on the reels for any other symbol in the game, barring the bonus scatter.

– Money Scatters – Stop in three of these symbols anywhere in view on the base-game grid to take you into the free spin bonus round.

What is the Bonus Game Activation process in High Society?

High Society features two different free spin rounds. These are activated in the same manner – simply stop in the three scatters needed on the base-game grid to enter a second selection sub-screen. Here you get to choose from the two brilliant free spin rounds on offer from this slot. If you want to know what to expect from each round we’d suggest you try this title out on free-play and you can find the one that suits your playing style the best.

How does the Super Wild Bonus work on High Society?

The Super Wild bonus is the first bonus available on High Society. The more scatters you use to activate this round, the more free spins you’ll receive on the special reel set on offer from this cool feature, up to maximum of 20. During this bonus if you can stop in a wild symbol on the first or last reel of the game it will expand to turn the entire reel wild, giving you an opportunity to stop in some massive multi-line combos. You can even re-trigger the bonus here by stopping in wilds on both the first and last reels in view, adding a further ten spins to your count.

How does the Super Multiplier Bonus work on High Society?

No matter how many scatters you use to activate this bonus round you will always receive ten free spins. These take place on a special second set of reels where an incremental multiplier is applied to all your prizes – the more scatters you use to activate the bonus the bigger the multipliers on offer, which can reach as high as 10x. You can re-activate the bonus here too, by hitting wilds on the first and last reels on the same spin, which will add a further ten spins to your count.

Release date 2014
Reels 5
Paylines 20 fixed lines
RTP 96.71%
Min bet 2.5 coins per spin
Max bet 50 coins per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 6000 coins
Free Spins 10-20 free spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No

Vegas Party

If you want an exclusive soiree, then why not head on down to Leo Vegas where you can get your spin thing on with the excellent Vegas Party mobile slots game.

This title promises a blend of first class action complete with tip top club style sounds and a base game mechanism that spills the wins. You’ll see all the top characters and faces on the reels here, with secret agents and showgirls galore playing host to your casino antics as you try to gamble your way into a bank breaking run of red hot action.

What about the Base Game in Vegas Party?

The Vegas Party mobile slot has a very exciting base game. This plays out over five reels and gives players a grid with 243 ways to win – paying you out a prize for any combination of adjacent symbols reading from left to right on the grid. In addition to this there is a wild symbol to help you on your winning ways, helping you complete combinations in the standard fashion.

How do the Paired Symbols Work in Vegas Party?

On the reels of Vegas Party you’ll notice that there is one large double reel with symbols that occupy two stop sections on each horizontal line of the reels. This is the paired symbol that gives you a chance to make some of the biggest combinations available from this slot. It can appear anywhere on the reels – either at the beginning of the grid helping you hit lots of small prizes or finishing off your combinations at the end of the reels. No other mobile slot to our knowledge uses a mechanism quite like this making this a true original.

Does Vegas Party Suffer from a Lack of Bonus Game?

Some critics might argue that Vegas Party could do with a little more bonus action. We would say that this makes it the perfect machine for mobile slots players as there is no commitment involved in making it through to the bonus round. Also the omission of the feature round means that there is more money available on the straight forward base game allowing you to pick up some healthy prizes from the normal mode, without any trimming to accommodate the pay-outs from a free spin round or second screen game.

Why Should I Play Vegas Party?

Vegas Party is another brilliant slot game from Net Entertainment that simply fits the mobile mould. You can dip into the excellent base game and hit some titanic wins without having to worry about getting all involved with the reels and waiting for that bonus game to hit. This makes it the perfect bite sized smartphone slot for when you’re sneaking away from the boss at work or getting a few spins in whilst hitting snooze on your alarm button in the morning. It’s not all about convenience either, as there are a ton of excellent prizes on offer here, and you can earn some serious money on every spin. Definitely worth a slice of your time.

Release date 2015
Reels 5
Paylines 20 paylines
RTP 96.69%
Min bet 20p per spin
Max bet £200 per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 400 coins
Free Spins No
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No


The Starburst mobile slot game is an electric slot from NetEntertainment. This game packs in space-age sounds that crackle and pulse with energy together with glowing disco style visuals. It is a high quality production that’s sure to appeal to lovers of both classic and high tech online slots. Featuring a base-game that’s so good it doesn’t have a bonus round, this is one title where you can hit a huge win off any single spin.

What can I expect from the Starburst Base-Game?

­The Starburst base-game has some tricks up its reels. This is a clever twenty pay-line slot machine that uses a number of mechanisms to help player on their winning ways. These include:

– Left and Right Pays – Unlike most slots, which only pay out for combinations reading from left to right on the reels, Starburst pays out for combinations in both directions. This means that you can effectively double your winning potential on this game.

– Expanding Wild Symbols – These feature on the second, third and fourth reels of the Starburst slot machine. Stop in one on any stop space and the wild will expand to fill the entire reel.

How Does the Re-Spin Feature work?

The respin feature on Starburst is incredibly simple. All you have to do is hit a wild on any reel and this will not only expand to fill the entire reel, but will also give you a respin, with the wilds held in place for the duration of the spin. However, before the reels respin you are paid out for any active combinations that you hit on the reels – giving you at least two spins for the price of one. This has a surprisingly high activation frequency, making for an exciting and unique base-game.

What is the Maximum Number of Re-Spins?

Sometimes you’ll hit a wild respin and another wild will land in on the reels. This pays you out another prize and starts another respin feature – giving you three spins for one. If you can then land a third wild on the final reel you’ll receive a fourth respin, giving you a huge chance to take down a massive win with three wild reels locked in place. This is the key to hitting it big on the Starburst slot. If you’re lucky enough to progress this bonus round all the way to the maximum three wild reels then you are guaranteed to hit some huge combinations in both directions on the reels.

Does Starburst need a Bonus Game?

In our opinion Starburst is one slot that can get away without a bonus feature and still hold its own in today’s modern competitive slot gaming arena. Rather than looking at this as a game that lacks a free spin round, we prefer to think of it as a slot that gives players a chance to hit spins again and again with the wild respin feature. This is like a miniature free spin round that often can pay more with two or three spins than a good run on a  standard bonus slot.

Release date 2013
Reels 5
Paylines 10
RTP 96.10%
Min bet 1p per pay-line
Max bet £1 per coin (100 coin max bet)
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 2500 coins
Free Spins No
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No