Amazon Wild

Amazon Wild

The Amazon Wild mobile slot game is part of Ash Gaming.  It is a big money slot that gives you the big game-play experience. With reels and symbols modelled around some of South America’s finest flora, fauna and jungle scenes this is an immersive and exciting title that bombards you with all the sounds of the indigenous wild life from the very first spin.

More than a simply wonderfully styled slot however, this smartphone machine has what it takes to deliver some punchy base game wins and with a second screen bonus that guarantees prizes, this is one title you’ll want to explore.

What’s the Deal with the Amazon Wild Base Game?

The Amazon Wild slot machine uses an extended reel set that uses four stop spaces on each individual reel instead of the usual three. Spread across the board is a grid of 100 pay-lines giving you tons of chances to make some huge winning combinations with the multiple wild symbols on offer. The final piece of the puzzle here is the bonus symbol, which activated the feature game when you manage to stop in three of these scatters anywhere in view on the grid.

How does the Amazon Wild Reel Mechanism Work?

The Amazon Wild reel mechanism is beautiful in its simplicity. It gives you the chance to make some very big combinations across the 100 pay-lines on offer. Any two wilds you hit on the same vertical reel will expand to cover the entire reel, giving you the chance to make some massive connections. Although this mechanism won’t always give you the results you’re hoping for – sometimes painfully so – when it does pay off it brings you some of the hottest money available from this smartphone title.

What about the Amazon Wild Bonus Game?

Stop in the three or more bonus scatters anywhere in view on the Amazon Wild base game grid and you’ll be taken to a second screen bonus round. Here you’ll be greeted by a primitive looking map where you get to pick three, four or five temples depending on how many scatters you used to activate the feature. Each of these temples has a cash prize attached to it, giving you a chance to steal some serious gold from these exotic places of worship. Sometimes the prizes are huge, sometimes small, but you are guaranteed a pay-out.

Why should I Play Amazon Wild?

Amazon Wild is in short a superbly constructed mobile slot game. This machine has everything you could want in terms of a well-balanced structure that promotes a large number of small wins. Yes, this does mean you’re looking at a low variance playing experience, but equally it provides a fascinating run of streaks and with the expanding wild feature there is a real chance here for you to make some truly huge money.

All you have to do is choose a good stake amount to maximise your session and you’re guaranteed some pretty exciting peaks and troughs to the gaming experience.

Release date 2013
Reels 5
Paylines 100 paylines
RTP 95.93%
Min bet 1p per line
Max bet £1 per line
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 2000 coins
Free Spins No
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is a powerful Playtech game. This mobile slot has the muscles to deliver some massive wins in the base-game and with two cool bonuses waiting for player, both of which can deliver a knockout cash punch to your bankroll. With graphics and sound effects that will bring a smile to the face of even the most die-hard fans of the Marvel comic books, this is a Smartphone slot that manages to smash all the right boxes.

What Special Symbols feature of the reels of The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk uses a twenty five pay-line base-game that incorporates a standard five reel set up. Here players are given two special symbols to help them hit the wins:

– Signature Scatters – These control access to the slot’s free spin round.

– Hulk Wilds – Can be used to substitute for any other symbol on the grid, barring the other special scatter symbols.

– Hulk Smash Scatters – These appear on the first and last reels of the game and are used to grant access to the second screen bonus here.

How do the Hulk Respins work?

The base game on the Incredible Hulk features two clever respin features that will help you land in some of the biggest prizes on offer from this slot machine. These operate in the following manner:

– Middle Reel Wild – If you land in a Hulk wild in the centre stop space on the middle reel of the base-game grid, this will expand and fill all the stop space. You are then given two respins with the middle wild held in place to help you stop in winning combinations.

– Middle Reels Wild – Stop in wilds anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels of the base-game in the Incredible Hulk and these symbols will expand to fill all stop spaces and you’ll be granted a single respin. Needless to say this can pay out some of the biggest wins on offer from the base-game. Note that all wins are you hit on any spin are also paid out before any Hulk respin kicks into action, ensuring that you fulfil as much winning potential as possible from the grid.

What is the Hulk Smash feature?

Activate the Hulk Smash feature by hitting the special Hulk Smash scatters on the first and last reels of the base-game. This takes you to a second screen feature where you stand in front of seven police cars – choose three of these to smash to reveal cash amounts. These are then added together and you get to smash one of three helicopters, which reveals a multiplier that’s applied to your winning total to give you a final cash total for this rather lucrative yet massively destructive bonus round. It’s all in a day’s work for our Hulk.

How does the Incredible Hulk’s free spin round work?

The free spin round on the Incredible Hulk slot is activated when you hit three or more of the signature scatters anywhere on the base game grid. This takes you to a second set of bonus reels where you’ll receive ten free spins and all your prizes are trebled for the duration of the feature. The special Hulk respins feature is in full operation too – which can lead to some truly heavyweight pay-outs coming your way if you’re lucky enough to activate the middle reels respin feature during this bonus.

What is the Marvel Jackpot feature?

When you are spinning the reels of the Incredible Hulk slot, you can randomly trigger access to the special Marvel Jackpots game at any time. This takes you to a special second screen sub-game where you have to pick squares to uncover symbols that correspond to the four Marvel Jackpots on offer from this game. These jackpots are all progressive prizes of varying magnitudes, which can be won when you pick out three similar symbols in this second screen game, where you take picks until you win a prize.

Release date 2009
Reels 5
Paylines 25
RTP 96.16%
Min bet 1p per pay-line
Max bet £50 per spin
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 4000 coins
Free Spins 10 at 3 x multiplier
Progressive Jackpot Yes
Gamble Game No
Alaskan Fishing

Alaskan Fishing

The Alaskan Fishing mobile slot game gives you the chance to get out into the wild casino outdoors and hunt down some big game quarry in the form of some whopping wins. This title features some of the best mobile slots game artwork that you’ll find anywhere with a host of rich, hand-drawn symbols.

What can I expect from the Alaskan Fishing base game?

Alaskan Fishing is another slot from Microgaming that uses their special 243 ways to win system, paying you out for any combination of symbols on the grid. Like another one of their slots featured on our site – The Twisted Circus – this game still manages to give you a very exciting pay-table in line with this large pay out system. In addition to the standard symbols there are a number of specials available from this mobile slots game:
– Stacked Wilds – This is the signature Alaskan Fishing symbol. It acts as the game’s wilds, helping you complete winning combinations where-ever possible. The symbol stacks will make sure those wins appear all over the grid.

– Fly Fishing – This special fishing reel scatter only appears on the first and last reels of the grid. You will need to hit two of these to gain access to the brilliant Fly Fishing second screen bonus game on Alaskan Fishing.

– Tackle Box – The free spin feature on offer from Alaskan Fishing requires you to hit three of the tackle box scatters to activate its treasures. These can be hit on any reel, anywhere in view.

How does the Fly Fishing bonus game work?

You can get into the outdoors spirit with the Alaskan Fishing second screen bonus game. This takes you to a traditional fly fishing contest where you get to prove your skill with the rod, by seeing if you can land a prize pike out of the pool. Choose your fishing spots carefully and hook in your catch – each fish you hit will land you a tasty cash reward and if you can bag a bundle of big bonus bass then you’ll net yourself a huge amount of cash. There’s no secret to playing this game, just hit the water and you’re bound to land a good prize.

What can I expect from the Alaskan Fishing free spins?

Like any quality slot machine, the free spin round on Alaskan Fishing is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the game. When you hit the three scatters necessary to take you into this bonus, you’ll float off to a special second set of reels where you can hook yourself the biggest prizes on offer from this feature where all your prizes are trebled for the duration of your fifteen free spins.

Why should I play Alaskan Fishing?

Alaskan Fishing is one of those slot games that simply seems to manage to deliver on its promises. Whilst many slots out there have plenty of winning potential, few actually have the ability to turn this into cold, hard cash. Whilst this game obviously doesn’t guarantee that you’ll walk away a winner, it will always give you a good, fun ride where you’ll mix a good amount of hot streaks with some colder moments. All you have to do is judge when to take your haul of prizes home with you and you’ll be an expert fisherman.

Release date 2009
Reels 5
Paylines 243 Ways to win
RTP 96.63%
Min bet 1p per coin and 1 coin
Max bet 5p per coin and 10 coins
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 5000 coins
Free Spins 15 spins at 2x
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Steam Tower

Steam Tower

The superb Net Entertainment Steamtower mobile slot game comes with a wonderful music-hall soundtrack that could almost be emanating from an old school steam organ, together with industrial graphics that set the scene perfectly for all the big money action on offer if you have what it takes to climb the Steamtower to the top.

So what’s going on in the Steamtower Base Game?

If you like your slots with a lot of oomph in the base game then Steamtower has the power to satisfy. This twenty pay-line game uses the standard five reel set up that has existed in the industry ever since it was first used on the poker card reel machines of the Wild West. In order to help you hit your wins there are a couple of special symbols available. These are as follows:
Single Wilds – these hook symbols can substitute for any other symbol on the grid, helping you complete those all-important winning combinations.

Stacked Wilds – stop in a stacked wild right the way across a single reel to gain access into this mobile slot games free spin round where you can earn the biggest prizes on offer.

How does the Steamtower Free Spin Round work?

The Steamtower free spin round comes complete with a cool backstory. This is where you try to gain access to the tower and rescue the maiden fair. The way it works is pretty simple. In the first instance activate the bonus by stopping in a stacked wild across all stop spaces on any single reel. This takes you onto the first floor of the bonus where you’ll receive ten spins at a 2x multiplier.

What about Advancing Up Levels in Steamtower?

Many multi-level bonus slots fall absolutely flat on their faces but not the excellent Steamtower. Every time you stop in any kind of wild on the bonus reels of this slot, you’ll advance one level up the bonus structure gaining an extra two spins and increasing your multiplier by 1x. Climb all the way to the top of the tower and you’ll gain a 6,000 coin prize for defeating the dragon and a whole bunch of spins at the games max multiplier of 7x. Needless to say this is where the wins can grow pretty monstrous.

Why should I play Steamtower?

There’s tons of fun waiting for you on the reels of Steamtower. This is one game that seems to be a little basic until you hit the bonus round and then you’ll realise just how much fun there is to be had. There’s nothing like the easy system of progression that allows you to scale the bonus tower quickly achieving extra multipliers and huge free spin counts that can push out some simply wild prizes. This is the main draw of the game and the thing that will keep you coming back time and time again for that one more spin factor.

Release date 2015
Reels 5
Paylines 20 pay-lines
RTP 97.00%
Min bet 20p per spin
Max bet £200 per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 2000 coins
Free Spins 10 spins + extras
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No

South Park

Going down to the South Park mobile slot game – going to have myself a time. This clever Net Entertainments title gives you a good slice of Parker and Stone inspired graphics and sounds, all dusted down with a good slice of their humorous style. However, it’s not all about the laughs, with a number of bonus and reel features that pack in a ton of winning action, making this a game that offers you the best of all worlds.

How does the South Park Base-Game work?

The South Park base game is incredibly simple. The game uses a standard casino slot five reel set up that’s mirrored on games from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas. This features 25 pay-lines of red hot action together with a couple of special symbols to help you land the wins. These are:

– Wild Symbol – In classic mobile slot tradition this can help you out by substituting for other symbols on the reels in order to make bigger and better combinations.

– Scatter Symbol – This holds the key to the slot machine’s free spin features and second screen bonus rounds. There are two standard scatters that feature on the third and fourth reels and character scatters on the fifth reel.

What are the Reel Features on South Park?

There are three cool reel features – called mini features in the context of this game – that can activate at random any time during your base-game. These all involve the placement of extra wilds on the grid, adding a whole big slice of winning potential into any spin. These include the following:

– Terrance and Phillip – This Canadian comedy duo fart their way onto the reels adding three wild symbols anywhere on the middle three reels of the game. This is the most common of all the mini features and you should expect to see it at least once in most sessions.

– Mr Hankey – This Christmas poo caused a stir in the TV show when it was introduced, although you’ll enjoy seeing it on the reels of the South Park slot. It will bounce onto the grid to land you between three and five extra wild symbols on the reels.

– Cartman – The Cartman reel feature is one of the best bonuses in the game, adding a 3×3 block of wilds into the middle three reels. Depending on where it lands, this has the ability to turn a number of middle rows wild – and if it lands perfectly smack across all rows, then you’ll be in for a monster pay-out.

How are the Bonus Games in South Park Activated?

The bonus games on South Park are activated via a three scatter system. It is necessary to hit scatters on the last three reels of the game. The scatters on reels three and four are standard scatters, whilst the scatter symbol on the last reel indicates which of the four bonus round the player will activate.

What are the different Bonus Games in South Park?

There are four different bonus games in the South Park, based on the four main characters from the TV series. These each have their own signature bonus that’s distinct and different from the others, offering its own blend of wins and prizes. These are:

– Kyle Bonus – This is a free spin round where players are given ten spins as standard. It uses a special Kick the Baby mechanism that’s activated with a special Ike wild on the last reel, which has the power to ramp up your wins by a multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x.

– Kenny Bonus – This second screen game gives a number of multiple choice propositions as you navigate through a world fraught with danger. Choose your journey carefully and pick up multipliers, grab cash and lose lives as you kill Kenny for a big money prize.

– Cartman Bonus – You have to see this bonus to truly understand it. Fat Eric rifles through a number of bushes looking for prizes and multipliers – watch out for the hippy with the power to reset your game and don’t get busted by the police. It’s as surreal as it sounds.

– Stan Bonus – The second free spin round that features Stan barfing on the reels to give you a bunch of sticky wilds. Even though this is a little on the wrong side of the comedy spectrum, you will be glad when this feature chucks up some tasty wins.

Release date
Min bet
Max bet
Second Screen Bonus
Big Combo Jackpot
Free Spins
Progressive Jackpot
Gamble Game
The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man mobile slot game is another winning tribute from the development labs at Net Entertainment. This first class title gives you a ton of different base-game mechanisms that will light up every spin.

Using a similar re-spin mechanic to the one that you’ll find in the excellent Jack and the Beanstalk Touch, the fast paced action does not rely in any single scatter mechanism to activate the bonus rounds, keeping the reels free for your wins. Couple this with some outstanding sonics and fresh, exciting visuals and you’re looking at the formula for some red hot fun.

What is the Deal with the Invisible Man Base Game?

There is tons of action waiting for you on the grid of The Invisible Man mobile slot game. This clever title gives you a both ways win system – the twenty pay-lines on offer will pay out prizes for winning combinations that read from both left to right and right to left. There are two special symbols that control all the action in this clever Net Entertainment mobile slots game. These are as follows:

– Police Wild – during the base game these only spawn on the most left-hand reel on the grid. Acting as a normal wild, substituting to help you make winning combinations, these move one reel to the right.

– Griffin Wild – these wild symbols spawn on the opposite reel to the police wilds and again function as a normal wild symbol. During the re-spin function they move one space to the left on each spin.

How does the Invisible Man Re-spin Feature work?

The Invisible Man slot packs in a very innovative re-spin feature. This is activated when you hit a police wild on the first reel or a Griffin wild on the last reel. Once you have stopped the necessary symbol or symbols in place these move one reel towards the other end of the grid and lock in place whilst the entire reel set spins again. Needless to say this can give you some pretty hefty wins, especially if you have multiple wild symbols on the reels at any one time.

What happens when Two Wild Symbols meet on the Grid?

As you’ve probably guessed it’s possible for two wild symbols to collide on the base game grid as they move in opposite directions across the reels. When this happens you’ll be pleased to learn that the free spin round is activated. This gives you ten free spins that take place on a second set of reels where the wild symbols appear all over each and every reel – but still lead to respins.

How are the Other Bonus Games Activated?

During the free spin rounds you’ll notice there are two meters above the reels – one for the police and one for Griffin. Every time you stop a wild in place on the reels this will increment the appropriate meter by one unit – once you’ve managed to fill either meter this will grant you access to your bonus round after you have completed all your bonus spins.

What are the Two Types of Additional Bonus Game?

There are two extra bonus games to keep you winning on the reels of Net Entertainment’s Invisible Man mobile slot. These are as follows:

– Police Spins – the police spins grant you a further three spins that take place on wild free reels. When the reels stop into place five extra wilds are added at random onto the grid giving you a chance to land some absolutely insane prizes.

– Griffin Bonus Game – here you are taken to three different locations where you get to click on one of five items to reveal a prize. If you reveal a coin this is added to the running total for the second screen game, multipliers soup up the action, but if you find a police hat you’re headed for the next stage.

Why should I play The Invisible Man Mobile Slot?

The Invisible Man is a clever and exciting slot from Net Entertainment. It features one of the most innovative base games you’ll find on the smartphone stage with plenty of action coming at you with the innovative and clever re-spin function.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods

The Hall Of Gods mobile slot is one of Net Entertainment’s top performing progressives. It’s right up there with games like Mega Fortune, offering players a huge jackpot that could land you a life-changing amount of cash on a single spin.

Hall of Gods Review

It uses classic Norse themed graphics and cool sound effects that intensify and enhance the playing experience, giving you a fast-paced base game that comes with two different bonus rounds to help you land the wins. If you’re looking for a smartphone title that hits every switch, then this is the game for you.

What can I expect from the Hall Of Gods base game?

Hall Of Gods gives you a twenty pay-line base game that’s play out across five reels in a casino slot style set up. You can adjust your bet sizes and coin sizes, but the number of coins is fixed. Unlike other progressive slots there is no max bet requirement to win the progressive prize, although we have a suspicion that the bigger your bet the more chance you have of landing one of the top jackpots. In addition to the standard symbols on the grid, there are the following specials:
Wild – This works in the usual fashion. It substitutes for all other symbols on the grid barring the bonus scatters to help you make winning combinations.

Bonus Scatter – Hit three of these to enter the second screen game where you could earn yourself one of the three progressive prizes on offer.

Raven Scatter – This holds the key to the slot’s free spin round. Three of these anywhere in view will see you access this fast-paced, big money bonus round.

How does the Hall Of Gods Free Spin Game work?

The Hall Of Gods free spin round is fast, furious and a whole lot of fun. When you hit the three raven scatters necessary to activate this bonus you’re whisked away to a second set of reels where you’ll get to take your free spins. The more scatters you use to activate the bonus, the more spins you’ll receive. During your spins all your wins are trebled, giving you the opportunity to hit some monster prizes.

What prizes can I Win in the Second Screen Game?

Stop in three of the bonus hammer scatters anywhere in view to activate the second screen game. Here you get to pick symbols on a grid. Uncover three similar symbols to win the associated prize. It is possible to win one of the three progressive prizes on offer from Hall Of Gods here. These are the Mega, Midi and Mini jackpots and range from a few pounds up to several millions of pounds.

Why should I play Hall Of Gods?

Hall Of Gods is a massively popular online slot game that regularly pays out life changing amounts of cash. If that’s not enough reason to get online with this game, we’d like to point out that you’re able to gain some pretty big standard wins off the base game, second screen bonus and free spin round without even having to worry about the super jackpots. If you play the National Lottery then you’d be better off taking your money and sticking it in Hall Of Gods for a much better return on your hard-earned. This game packs in all the usual Net Entertainment tips and tricks like high quality graphics and awesome game-play making it one title you’ll return to time and time again.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a chilling mobile slot game from those devilish developers down at Net Entertainment. This rave from the grave title is chock full of undead characters that will help you bleed some big wins and spins from its reels.

It features a high payout ratio with a similarly fast and furious feature activation frequency that will have you dripping with delight as you pocket some ungodly wins. With the same high level of detail to sound and graphics as you’ll always expect from this top class producer, this is one game that will have you up all night.

Anything I should know about the Blood Suckers Reel Game?

Blood Suckers is a fairly standard slot when you look at the basic reel game. There’s a five reel casino slot set up that’s going to be bread and butter to any smartphone slot fan that boasts a twenty five pay-line set up. This is complemented by a number of special symbols to help you maximise your returns:

– Wild Symbol – these are liberally splashed all over the place giving you a chance to make up winning combinations through substitution. The wilds hold the key to grabbing the biggest prizes from the reels and free spin round.

– Bonus Symbol – grab three of these across any of the Blood Sucker’s active pay-lines and you’ll gain entry into the superb second screen game.

– Scatters Symbols – a more conventional type of feature activating special – you’re rewarded with access into the free spin round if you can nail three of these in view following any spin.

What’s the Deal with the Blood Suckers Second Screen Game?

Stop in three of the bonus symbols on any active pay-line on the Blood Suckers grid and you’ll earn entry into the clever pick a win second screen game on offer here. This gives you the chance to select one of a number of coffins in a graveyard. Hit these and find a vampire and there’s a cash reward waiting for you. Avoid the empty graves as these will end your round, paying you out your winnings. This is a fun little feature that can see you land a hot run of prizes.

How does the Blood Suckers Free Spin Round work?

Stop in three or more of the Blood Suckers scatters anywhere in view on the base game grid and you’ll gain yourself access to the free spin round. Here, in classic smartphone slot style there’s ten free spins of the reels on offer for starters – the more scatters you hit the more spins you’ll receive. This comes together with a 3x multiplier on all your prizes for the duration of the round. This gives you an excellent chance to truly sink your teeth into some of the juiciest pay-outs on offer.

Why should I play Blood Suckers?

In my opinion Net Entertainment are yet to make a bad game. They have a consist run of successful titles that promise players a fun time at the reels with plenty of prizes to book. In their marketing material for this slot they claim they’ve aimed it at the younger player, but we’d argue it’s the perfect mobile slot for anyone looking for a fast paced blend of action.

With two great bonus features that never fail to offer you some great cash and a base game that’s dripping with wild symbols, Blood Suckers will always get you out of your coffin for a few spins.