Electric Sam

Electric Sam

Want a new school mobile slot that comes complete with an old school feel? Electric Sam is that game. This machine gives you a ton of winning chances straight off the reels with a number of clever betting strategies that are activated automatically via a player’s choice. With big colourful graphics and a subtle yet catchy theme tune, this is one title you’ll want to spin again and again and again.

What’s with the Electric Sam Base Game?

With the Electric Sam mobile slot you’re looking at 243 ways to win in the base game, which uses a standard five reel set up. Here you can make up your combinations with the wild symbols and stop in the three or more of the bell scatters to find your way into the free spin round on this cool slot machine. Whilst this might appear to be a standard slot there’s plenty of cool extras waiting for you in the bonus round.

How do the Electric Sam Betting Strategies Work?

We’ve never seen this kind of capability before on any kind of mobile slots game. Electric Sam actually gives you the opportunity to adopt various kinds of betting strategies that are automatically actioned on your behalf. These generally centre on upping your stake following losing spins and decreasing your stake following winning spins. This is something that could well take the smartphone casino world by storm if players like it. Of course there’s still the option to simply play out your spins at a normal stake in conventional fashion, but if you do fancy something a little different…

What about the Electric Sam Free Spin Rounds?

Stop in three or more of the bonus bells anywhere to receive a number of free spins. The more bells you hit, the more spins you’ll receive. Unlike many other slots games you’ll find that the free spin rounds come thick and fast on Electric Sam. This is because many of the real prize paying bonuses come when you land in the additional symbols that help you on your winning ways. Stop in three of each character’s symbols to activate the following mechanisms:

Sandra – Land in three or more of the Sandra symbols during the free spin round and she will give you access to some generous multipliers – ranging from double your money up to a massive 10x award.

Electric Sam – Stop in three of these symbols on any base game spin and you’ll be treated to a super respin function with one sticky wild locked in place on the reels.

Maggie – Three of these symbols anywhere in view will give you access to a crazy cascading mechanism that not only blows up your existing wins, but also pulls a ton of new symbols down onto the grid.

Why Should I Play Electric Sam?

Not only does Electric Sam offer you a number of different betting strategies, which has the intellectual side of the mobile slots game experience covered, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun to play. When you’re in the free spin round and you’re landing all kinds of different bonuses then you’ll see the power this smartphone title has to deliver into your bank balance. The feature round triggers frequently – and then the different mechanisms on offer here then allow you to make the big money from this bonus round with sticky wilds and multipliers. Want to play a great game that offers you a load of action… This could well be the one for you.

Release date
Reels 5
Paylines 243 ways to win
RTP 96.02%
Min bet 20p per spin
Max bet £100 per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 300 coins
Free Spins Variable Spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man mobile slot game is another winning tribute from the development labs at Net Entertainment. This first class title gives you a ton of different base-game mechanisms that will light up every spin.

Using a similar re-spin mechanic to the one that you’ll find in the excellent Jack and the Beanstalk Touch, the fast paced action does not rely in any single scatter mechanism to activate the bonus rounds, keeping the reels free for your wins. Couple this with some outstanding sonics and fresh, exciting visuals and you’re looking at the formula for some red hot fun.

What is the Deal with the Invisible Man Base Game?

There is tons of action waiting for you on the grid of The Invisible Man mobile slot game. This clever title gives you a both ways win system – the twenty pay-lines on offer will pay out prizes for winning combinations that read from both left to right and right to left. There are two special symbols that control all the action in this clever Net Entertainment mobile slots game. These are as follows:

– Police Wild – during the base game these only spawn on the most left-hand reel on the grid. Acting as a normal wild, substituting to help you make winning combinations, these move one reel to the right.

– Griffin Wild – these wild symbols spawn on the opposite reel to the police wilds and again function as a normal wild symbol. During the re-spin function they move one space to the left on each spin.

How does the Invisible Man Re-spin Feature work?

The Invisible Man slot packs in a very innovative re-spin feature. This is activated when you hit a police wild on the first reel or a Griffin wild on the last reel. Once you have stopped the necessary symbol or symbols in place these move one reel towards the other end of the grid and lock in place whilst the entire reel set spins again. Needless to say this can give you some pretty hefty wins, especially if you have multiple wild symbols on the reels at any one time.

What happens when Two Wild Symbols meet on the Grid?

As you’ve probably guessed it’s possible for two wild symbols to collide on the base game grid as they move in opposite directions across the reels. When this happens you’ll be pleased to learn that the free spin round is activated. This gives you ten free spins that take place on a second set of reels where the wild symbols appear all over each and every reel – but still lead to respins.

How are the Other Bonus Games Activated?

During the free spin rounds you’ll notice there are two meters above the reels – one for the police and one for Griffin. Every time you stop a wild in place on the reels this will increment the appropriate meter by one unit – once you’ve managed to fill either meter this will grant you access to your bonus round after you have completed all your bonus spins.

What are the Two Types of Additional Bonus Game?

There are two extra bonus games to keep you winning on the reels of Net Entertainment’s Invisible Man mobile slot. These are as follows:

– Police Spins – the police spins grant you a further three spins that take place on wild free reels. When the reels stop into place five extra wilds are added at random onto the grid giving you a chance to land some absolutely insane prizes.

– Griffin Bonus Game – here you are taken to three different locations where you get to click on one of five items to reveal a prize. If you reveal a coin this is added to the running total for the second screen game, multipliers soup up the action, but if you find a police hat you’re headed for the next stage.

Why should I play The Invisible Man Mobile Slot?

The Invisible Man is a clever and exciting slot from Net Entertainment. It features one of the most innovative base games you’ll find on the smartphone stage with plenty of action coming at you with the innovative and clever re-spin function.