PaySafeCard Online Casinos

PaySafeCard Online Casinos

Every day, payment systems are becoming more and more. Opportunities to pay for certain services are expanding significantly. One such relatively new payment system is Paysafecard. This payment tool is similar to PayPal. The main similarity is the lack of your own wallet on your account with the availability of funds. All funds are on your credit card. The card, in turn, is attached to your account in the PaySafe Card system.

What about casino?

You probably know that in any online casino there is a very wide selection of payment instruments for depositing and withdrawing funds. It was paysafecard that became one of the most popular tools. According to our estimates, about 80% of online casinos provide the opportunity to replenish your account in this way. This primarily indicates the convenience of this payment method. People loved paysafe for its comfort.

PaySafeCard Online Casinos

PaySafeCard Online CasinosWe will not list all the online casinos that use paysafe in their transactions. It is just pointless. There are a lot of them. Let’s better delve into the specifics of using this method of payment in online casinos. It should be noted immediately that almost all paysafecard online casinos do not charge an additional fee when making a deposit or withdrawing funds using this payment tool. This is a big plus.

However, we managed to find several online establishments that continue to charge an additional commission even for deposits. Usually this fee is between 1-3%. These online casinos justify their actions by saying that it is payment for the services of Paysafe itself. Do not believe this information. The company builds its earnings solely on attaching cards to the account. No additional costs can be withdrawn from you for deposits and winnings. Carefully read the conditions for depositing with Paysafe Card at every online casino.

Paysafecard casino deposit

Now let’s talk about how to make a deposit using Paysafecard. Everything is quite simple here. If you have used PayPal before, then it will not be difficult for you to make a deposit using Paysafecard. But if this is your first time encountering this, you first need to register at After you register, do not forget to attach your payment card to your account.

When attaching a card to an account, the service may request a test payment. Do not be alarmed. This is the minimum amount to verify your card. In addition, in this way you confirm that the card belongs to you and you do not commit any fraudulent actions.

Next, go to the casino. Log in to your online casino account and click on the deposit button. You will see a list of available methods for transferring funds to the player’s account. Choose the Paysafecard method from all available. Follow the instructions on the screen. Remember that when making a deposit, funds are not withdrawn from your Paysafe account, but from your plastic card in transit through the Paysafe Card service.

Mobile Casino Paysafecard

If a wide selection of deposit methods is available in the PC version of online casinos, then in the mobile version it is much less. However, a deposit method such as Paysafecard is available in both versions. This creates an additional convenience for players who like to play in online casinos from a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. In 95% of all online casinos, the Paysafecard payment method is available from all devices.

How to use Mobile Paysafe Card

Separately, we would like to recall that in order to use Paysafecard to make a deposit from a mobile device, you must log in to your account from your mobile. If you created an account using your PC at the same time, then when using a mobile device you need to re-enter your account. This applies to any new device.

Paysafecard Withdraw and Payout

PaySafeCard CasinosIn this subheading, we want to remind players of two important things. In most cases, online casinos that accept deposits using Paysafe can make payments to the same payment system. However, there are isolated cases when the online casino only accepts deposits, and payments on the Paysafe card are impossible. Watch this carefully and learn the rules.

And one more important point. You should always remember that the method of making a deposit in an online casino and the method of withdrawing winnings from an online casino must match. You will not be able to withdraw money to the Paysafecard account if you made a deposit using a card directly.