Amazon Wild

Amazon Wild

The Amazon Wild mobile slot game is part of Ash Gaming.  It is a big money slot that gives you the big game-play experience. With reels and symbols modelled around some of South America’s finest flora, fauna and jungle scenes this is an immersive and exciting title that bombards you with all the sounds of the indigenous wild life from the very first spin.

More than a simply wonderfully styled slot however, this smartphone machine has what it takes to deliver some punchy base game wins and with a second screen bonus that guarantees prizes, this is one title you’ll want to explore.

What’s the Deal with the Amazon Wild Base Game?

The Amazon Wild slot machine uses an extended reel set that uses four stop spaces on each individual reel instead of the usual three. Spread across the board is a grid of 100 pay-lines giving you tons of chances to make some huge winning combinations with the multiple wild symbols on offer. The final piece of the puzzle here is the bonus symbol, which activated the feature game when you manage to stop in three of these scatters anywhere in view on the grid.

How does the Amazon Wild Reel Mechanism Work?

The Amazon Wild reel mechanism is beautiful in its simplicity. It gives you the chance to make some very big combinations across the 100 pay-lines on offer. Any two wilds you hit on the same vertical reel will expand to cover the entire reel, giving you the chance to make some massive connections. Although this mechanism won’t always give you the results you’re hoping for – sometimes painfully so – when it does pay off it brings you some of the hottest money available from this smartphone title.

What about the Amazon Wild Bonus Game?

Stop in the three or more bonus scatters anywhere in view on the Amazon Wild base game grid and you’ll be taken to a second screen bonus round. Here you’ll be greeted by a primitive looking map where you get to pick three, four or five temples depending on how many scatters you used to activate the feature. Each of these temples has a cash prize attached to it, giving you a chance to steal some serious gold from these exotic places of worship. Sometimes the prizes are huge, sometimes small, but you are guaranteed a pay-out.

Why should I Play Amazon Wild?

Amazon Wild is in short a superbly constructed mobile slot game. This machine has everything you could want in terms of a well-balanced structure that promotes a large number of small wins. Yes, this does mean you’re looking at a low variance playing experience, but equally it provides a fascinating run of streaks and with the expanding wild feature there is a real chance here for you to make some truly huge money.

All you have to do is choose a good stake amount to maximise your session and you’re guaranteed some pretty exciting peaks and troughs to the gaming experience.

Release date 2013
Reels 5
Paylines 100 paylines
RTP 95.93%
Min bet 1p per line
Max bet £1 per line
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 2000 coins
Free Spins No
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No

Alice’s Wonderland

“Curiouser and curiouser…” said Alice – or at least that’s what she would probably say if she clapped her eyes on Alice’s Wonderland, the brilliant progressive mobile  slot game. This crazy title packs in not one, but three highly playable bonus features as well as a ton of action in the base game. Couple this with all your favourite characters from the Lewis Carroll tale and you’re looking at the cast and storyline of one of the most exciting and deep online mobile slot games that you can find on the web today.

What can I expect from the Alice’s Wonderland Base Game?

Alice’s Wonderland is an extremely playable slot that uses a twenty pay-line set up with a standard casino slot five reel arrangement. The game allows you to adjust the number of lines on which you’re betting together with the stake amount. To help you hit the wins the following special symbols are available:

– Wild Symbol – Alice forms the games wild symbol. This acts in the normal way, helping you complete winning combinations anywhere on the base game grid and in the free spin round.

– Mad Hatter Scatter Symbol – These bonus scatters hold the key to the second screen game on Alice’s Wonderland where you get a chance to pick up the big money progressive jackpot.

– White Rabbit Scatter Symbol – Hit three of these special symbols anywhere on the base game grid to find your way into the free spin round on this fantastic mobile slots game.

– Rabbit Hole Scatter Symbol – This special is more of a single hit symbol than a scatter. Land it in on the middle reel to trigger the rabbit hole cash award mechanism.

What is the Free Spin round on Alice’s Wonderland?

The free spin round on this slot machine is activated when you hit three of the special white rabbit scatter symbols anywhere in view on the grid. This starts a mechanism on the white rabbit’s pocket watch that ticks round to reveal between 7 and 20 free spins. It’s then off to a second set of enhanced reels where you get to play out your spins, but before these commence, the white rabbit jumps onto the reels leaving a trail of between three and five sticky wilds in his wake to help you hit the wins.

How does the Rabbit Hole Scatter Mechanism work?

During the base game in Alice’s Wonderland, if you can stop in the special rabbit hole scatter anywhere on the middle reel, this opens up a hole in the base game grid. Watch as Alice plummets into this gap collecting multipliers on her descent. When she finishes her fall, your final multiplier value is applied to your total stake giving you a rather nice straight cash prize for your scraped knee. With the one symbol activation system, this is a good reel mechanism that doesn’t add superfluous scatters to the grid on every spin.

What is the Second Screen bonus on Alice’s Wonderland?

Hit three of the Mad Hatter scatters on the base game grid and you’ll be taken to Alice’s Wonderland’s second screen game. This is loosely based upon the Tea Party from the famous novel and sees you serving tea to the guests. Choose one guest and they will drink till they’ve had their fill, adding to a multiplier total. When they have finished you will have the option to choose another guest and further add to your multipliers. At the end of the feature the total multipliers are applied to your stake amount giving you one large cash prize.

How do you win the Progressive Prize?

During the Mad Hatter second screen bonus, if any of your guests receive some sugar from the sugar bowl, this sweet stuff indicates the arrival of the big money progressive jackpot. It’s that simple – however you’ll be lucky to see this mechanism happen once in your lifetime, but if you do, you’ll be line for a big bucket of life changing cash.

Release date 2012
Reels 5
Paylines 30 fixed
RTP 92.92%
Min bet 1p per line
Max bet £10 per line
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 1500 coins
Free Spins 7-20 Spins
Progressive Jackpot Yes
Gamble Game No
Iron Man II

Iron Man II

The Iron Man 2 mobile slot game is one of Playtech’s greatest releases. It features big stack symbols in the base-game alongside a free spin round that’s full of massive winning potential. Throw a bunch of progressive jackpots into the mix where you could win one of four top prizes and you’ve got the set up for an awesome gambling mechanic. It’s a stark reminder of the money you can make from these high powered games.

How does the Iron Man 2 Base Game work?

If you’re familiar with slot games, then the base-game on Iron Man 2 should present you with no problems. This simple slot machine uses a 20 pay-line set up that comes with all the controls you need to adjust and fine-tune your wager. In addition to the regular symbols on the reels there are two special symbols that will help you hit the wins:

– Wild Symbol – This substitutes for all other symbols on the grid barring the bonus scatter. It has the power to help you hit those winning combinations.

– Scatter Symbol – As with most slots this has the power to take you into the superb Iron Man 2 free spin round, where you can really stack up the big wins.

What are the Large Robot Stacks on the Reels?

The Iron Man 2 slot from Playtech uses a system of stacked symbols. These large war robots occupy multiple spaces on the reels. This means that the chances of you hitting a big one symbol combination across several pay-lines is greatly increased. It’s worth noting that these robot symbols on their own do not pay the biggest prizes from the slot – however when you land multiple symbols across the grid, together these robots can deliver the prize-paying power.

What Special Features are available in the Free Spins?

The Iron Man 2 slot uses a special system of free spins. This is activated when you hit three or more of the Iron Man 2 signature scatters anywhere in view, taking you to an enhanced set of reels. This is packed full of cool features including the following:

– Permanent Wild – During your free spins, a permanent wild symbol is added into the reels in the centre of the middle reels. Needless to say this contributes greatly to the winning potential of all your free spins.

– Multiplier – This is where the Iron Man II bonus gets interesting. The first two spins on the free spin round are paid out at a 2x multiplier. This multiplier is then incremented by one every two subsequent spins. So on the third spin, the multiplier is 3x, the fifth spin the multiplier is 4x and so on. This means that any prizes on your final spins are paid out at a whopping 6x multiplier.

How does the Marvel Jackpot work?

There are four different sized Marvel Jackpots available from the Iron Man 2 slot. These can be won at any time via a randomly activated second screen game. All you have to do is take a spin on this slot and you’ll be in with a chance of landing this special bonus. If you do get lucky, you’re taken to a grid search game where you uncover tiles – find three of the same symbols to win the associated prize. Needless to say, the bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to find the right symbols.

Is this game based on the Iron Man 2 Film?

This slot machine, like many of the Playtech Marvel slot games, is actually based on the Hollywood blockbuster starring Robert Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke. The game-play includes graphics from the films, making sure this game will appeal to fans of the silver screen version of this hero. The game- play certainly does the film justice, with huge action on the reels that reminds you of the robot labs and a free spin round that builds to a breath-taking and exciting finale.

Release date 2011
Reels 5
Paylines 25
RTP 94.00%
Min bet 1p per pay-line
Max bet £5 per coin (250 coin max bet)
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 3,000 coins
Free Spins Ten spins – variable multiplier
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is a powerful Playtech game. This mobile slot has the muscles to deliver some massive wins in the base-game and with two cool bonuses waiting for player, both of which can deliver a knockout cash punch to your bankroll. With graphics and sound effects that will bring a smile to the face of even the most die-hard fans of the Marvel comic books, this is a Smartphone slot that manages to smash all the right boxes.

What Special Symbols feature of the reels of The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk uses a twenty five pay-line base-game that incorporates a standard five reel set up. Here players are given two special symbols to help them hit the wins:

– Signature Scatters – These control access to the slot’s free spin round.

– Hulk Wilds – Can be used to substitute for any other symbol on the grid, barring the other special scatter symbols.

– Hulk Smash Scatters – These appear on the first and last reels of the game and are used to grant access to the second screen bonus here.

How do the Hulk Respins work?

The base game on the Incredible Hulk features two clever respin features that will help you land in some of the biggest prizes on offer from this slot machine. These operate in the following manner:

– Middle Reel Wild – If you land in a Hulk wild in the centre stop space on the middle reel of the base-game grid, this will expand and fill all the stop space. You are then given two respins with the middle wild held in place to help you stop in winning combinations.

– Middle Reels Wild – Stop in wilds anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels of the base-game in the Incredible Hulk and these symbols will expand to fill all stop spaces and you’ll be granted a single respin. Needless to say this can pay out some of the biggest wins on offer from the base-game. Note that all wins are you hit on any spin are also paid out before any Hulk respin kicks into action, ensuring that you fulfil as much winning potential as possible from the grid.

What is the Hulk Smash feature?

Activate the Hulk Smash feature by hitting the special Hulk Smash scatters on the first and last reels of the base-game. This takes you to a second screen feature where you stand in front of seven police cars – choose three of these to smash to reveal cash amounts. These are then added together and you get to smash one of three helicopters, which reveals a multiplier that’s applied to your winning total to give you a final cash total for this rather lucrative yet massively destructive bonus round. It’s all in a day’s work for our Hulk.

How does the Incredible Hulk’s free spin round work?

The free spin round on the Incredible Hulk slot is activated when you hit three or more of the signature scatters anywhere on the base game grid. This takes you to a second set of bonus reels where you’ll receive ten free spins and all your prizes are trebled for the duration of the feature. The special Hulk respins feature is in full operation too – which can lead to some truly heavyweight pay-outs coming your way if you’re lucky enough to activate the middle reels respin feature during this bonus.

What is the Marvel Jackpot feature?

When you are spinning the reels of the Incredible Hulk slot, you can randomly trigger access to the special Marvel Jackpots game at any time. This takes you to a special second screen sub-game where you have to pick squares to uncover symbols that correspond to the four Marvel Jackpots on offer from this game. These jackpots are all progressive prizes of varying magnitudes, which can be won when you pick out three similar symbols in this second screen game, where you take picks until you win a prize.

Release date 2009
Reels 5
Paylines 25
RTP 96.16%
Min bet 1p per pay-line
Max bet £50 per spin
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 4000 coins
Free Spins 10 at 3 x multiplier
Progressive Jackpot Yes
Gamble Game No