Hook’s Heroes

Hook’s Heroes

Hook’s Heroes is another great free spin mobile slots game from Net Entertainment. This machine gives you a ton of chances to make it big with its three clever features, each of which put a different slant on the reels. With fun and friendly graphics together with a cool and fun-time soundtrack, this is one machine that has what it takes to keep you coming back time and time again.

What can I expect from the Hook’s Heroes base game?

The Hook’s Heroes base game plays out over a fairly standard reel set up. Here you’re looking at a 20 pay-line structure that utilises five reels with three stops on each. In addition to the poker and character symbols there are two specials that should bring no surprises to regular smartphone slot players. The wild will substitute wherever possible to help bring in the wins, and the scatter holds access to the free spin round.

How does the Hook’s Heroes free spin round work?

Hook’s Heroes gives you a chance to hit the big money with its wonderful free spin round. All you need to do is land in three bonus scatters and you’re well on your way to hitting the big time. Firstly however you’ll have to choose the type of bonus you want to play, which will also dictate how many free spins you’ll receive off the reels. These are as follows:

Mermaid Free Spins – this gives you ten free spins and here you’ll receive all your prizes at double their normal value together with a chance to hit a four time payout should your combination include a wild.

Fairy Free Spins – with this feature you’ll receive seven free spins and during every single spin between two and five extra wilds will be added onto the reels increasing the potential for you to hit a big win.

Pirate Free Spins – choose this feature and receive 15 free spins where the pay-lines are removed from the grid and all the available symbols in the game act like scatters, paying out for combinations where-ever they are on the grid.

What are the Hook’s Heroes feature spins?

You know all those times when you simply stop in two scatters on a mobile slot game feature round and it doesn’t do anything other than drop a small win in your balance? Well that’s not the case with Hook’s Heroes. This mobile slots game gives you a chance to capitalise on a two scatter configuration with a feature spin. This is where you get one free respin of the reels with one of the three different bonus game mechanics selected for you completely at random. These little bonus boosts help keep your bankroll nicely topped up and add a whole load more action into the mix.

Why should I play Hook’s Heroes?

If you’re looking for another top quality free spin slot then Hook’s Heroes could well be the game for you. This small screen smartphone machine gives you a great chance to earn some respins in the base game with the double scatter mechanism, then there’s a good chance to hit the big time with the free spin rounds. All we can say is that it’s worth giving this machine a few run-throughs on the free play mode to learn which free spin round suits your playing style best.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods

The Hall Of Gods mobile slot is one of Net Entertainment’s top performing progressives. It’s right up there with games like Mega Fortune, offering players a huge jackpot that could land you a life-changing amount of cash on a single spin.

Hall of Gods Review

It uses classic Norse themed graphics and cool sound effects that intensify and enhance the playing experience, giving you a fast-paced base game that comes with two different bonus rounds to help you land the wins. If you’re looking for a smartphone title that hits every switch, then this is the game for you.

What can I expect from the Hall Of Gods base game?

Hall Of Gods gives you a twenty pay-line base game that’s play out across five reels in a casino slot style set up. You can adjust your bet sizes and coin sizes, but the number of coins is fixed. Unlike other progressive slots there is no max bet requirement to win the progressive prize, although we have a suspicion that the bigger your bet the more chance you have of landing one of the top jackpots. In addition to the standard symbols on the grid, there are the following specials:
Wild – This works in the usual fashion. It substitutes for all other symbols on the grid barring the bonus scatters to help you make winning combinations.

Bonus Scatter – Hit three of these to enter the second screen game where you could earn yourself one of the three progressive prizes on offer.

Raven Scatter – This holds the key to the slot’s free spin round. Three of these anywhere in view will see you access this fast-paced, big money bonus round.

How does the Hall Of Gods Free Spin Game work?

The Hall Of Gods free spin round is fast, furious and a whole lot of fun. When you hit the three raven scatters necessary to activate this bonus you’re whisked away to a second set of reels where you’ll get to take your free spins. The more scatters you use to activate the bonus, the more spins you’ll receive. During your spins all your wins are trebled, giving you the opportunity to hit some monster prizes.

What prizes can I Win in the Second Screen Game?

Stop in three of the bonus hammer scatters anywhere in view to activate the second screen game. Here you get to pick symbols on a grid. Uncover three similar symbols to win the associated prize. It is possible to win one of the three progressive prizes on offer from Hall Of Gods here. These are the Mega, Midi and Mini jackpots and range from a few pounds up to several millions of pounds.

Why should I play Hall Of Gods?

Hall Of Gods is a massively popular online slot game that regularly pays out life changing amounts of cash. If that’s not enough reason to get online with this game, we’d like to point out that you’re able to gain some pretty big standard wins off the base game, second screen bonus and free spin round without even having to worry about the super jackpots. If you play the National Lottery then you’d be better off taking your money and sticking it in Hall Of Gods for a much better return on your hard-earned. This game packs in all the usual Net Entertainment tips and tricks like high quality graphics and awesome game-play making it one title you’ll return to time and time again.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest

The Gonzo’s Quest Mobile Slot game takes you on a search for the legendary city of El Dorado. Join up with the Musica soldier Gonzo Pizzaro as you take on the mysterious free falling symbols in this innovative slot machine. With big money multipliers, state of the art gaming graphics and a free spin round to boot, this is a truly great slot game.

How does the Gonzo’s Quest Base-Game work?

Gonzo’s Quest uses a special system in its twenty pay-line base-game called avalanches – and as the symbols drop into place on the reels, it doesn’t have spins either, it has falls.

  • Any win you hit on the reels of Gonzo’s Quest instantly pays you out a prize. Following this the winning symbols explode leaving spaces into which the symbols above can drop. This is called an avalanche in Gonzo’s Quest, although this is more often known a cascade in the industry.
  • Each time you hit a avalanche a special multiplier is increased at the bottom of the screen. This has four levels – 1x, 2x, 3x, and 5x.
  • When the new symbols drop into place on the grid – any new winning combinations are evaluated and paid out with the special multiplier applied to the prize.
  • If you’re lucky enough to hit four or more avalanches in a row, then all the prizes are paid out at a whopping 5x their normal value, giving you a chance to hit some big money wins.

What Special Symbols are Available in Gonzo’s Quest?

There are two special symbols available in the base-game on Gonzo’s Quest.

These are as follows:

Wild symbol – This special symbol will help you out by substituting for other symbols on the grid to make winning combinations. Surprisingly this also substitutes for the free spin symbol and can help you make your way into the bonus round.
Bonus scatter – The bonus scatter on Gonzo’s Quest holds the key to the magical bonus round. This only appears on the first three reels in the game and you need to hit a combination on an active pay-line to trigger the feature.

How does the Free Fall Bonus work?

The Gonzo’s Quest free falls feature takes place on a special second set of reels. Here you’ll receive ten falls with all the multipliers trebled for the duration of the bonus round. This means that after four successive avalanches your prizes are paid out at 15x their normal value. You can also hit a re-trigger here by landing more bonus scatters on the grid and adding a further ten free spins to your count.

What’s the Story behind Gonzo’s Quest?

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the top performing slots from Scandinavian based development house, Net Entertainments. These guys have created a special range of games that push the medium to its limits – their Platinum Slots. Gonzo’s Quest is the flagship title for this brand, and when it was originally released in 2012 it made the whole internet casino world sit up to attention, bringing new levels of artwork and sound effects to the online slot medium.



Cut it up with the famous vampire lord on the reels of the Net Entertainment Dracula mobile slot game. This game comes complete with flocks of blood sucking bats, ready to make your wildest nightmares into a reality on the reels of this fast paced title.

With graphics that will simply take your breath away and sound effects that are doused in a dose of the macabre, this is not one for the unwary. However, if you’re bold, brazen and unafraid of this legendary monster’s reputation, then maybe you can steal your way into his tomb and come away with riches untold and a story of golden glory.

How does the Dracula Base Game Work?

The Dracula base game uses a conventional format that will be familiar to all mobile slots games players – there’s five reels of fun with four stops per reel, giving you a big forty line grid on which to land your wins. This comes studded with a bunch of extra symbols to help you hit those winners:

Dracula and Lady Stacked Symbols – land any combination of these on the reels and you could be quids in as they tend to pay out some of the most monstrous money on offer from this title. However, they have even more charm as if you land a Dracula symbol on the second reel and a lady on the fourth, you’ll enter the free spin round.

Bloody Wild Symbol – this is the game’s special substituting symbol and to be fair, you won’t see it too much in the base game as there are much more interesting mechanics at play. Still, it can definitely help you hit the wins by substituting all over the place to make up those winning combinations. This only appears on the middle three reels.

What is the Bat Feature?

The bat feature is the mechanism that makes Dracula into the truly special must play mobile slot game of the moment. At any time, during any spin the dark vampire lord can transform into a rush of bats that makes their way across the base game grid, landing on a cluster of symbol spaces. Before your spin comes to an end, these all flip over to reveal the same symbol, while you wait for the rest of the reels to stop into place. Sometimes this mechanism will miss terribly, blocking out the combinations and giving you nothing but spiders in your bankroll. At other times it will connect beautifully, giving your coffers a rich money injection straight into the main vein.

What’s the Deal with the Dracula Free Spin Round?

Stop in any part of the stacked Dracula symbol on the second reel and the lady symbol on the fourth reel and you’ll activate the Dracula free spin round, with ten free spins in your pocket. These take place on a second set of reels where you’ll hit the bat feature on every single spin and there’s a special stacked wild symbol – Dracula and his lover combined on the middle reel that will help you complete your wins. And if this isn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can even earn extra spins by stopping in the dark lord’s symbol anywhere in view.

Why should I Play Dracula?

We hate to rely on a cliché, but in this case it’s more of a why shouldn’t you play Dracula? This is one of the hottest slots on the block at the moment and Net Entertainment has really pulled out all the stops to shop the rest of the slot producing fraternity exactly what constitutes a cutting edge game. It’s not just the sights and audio that make this a brilliant game either. The free spin round will absolute drench you in a bloodbath of prizes and the standard reel mechanism with its bat feature can turn each and every spin into a total cacophony of cash. This isn’t simply a pretty slot, this is one mobile title that has it nailed in every area like a stake through the bloody heart.

Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me

Dazzle me is another spectacular slot from Net Entertainments. This mobile game gives you a chance to bet on an uneven reel set as you go in search of big wins and titanic pay-outs. You’re looking at a top notch pay-table combined with a couple of awesome bonus features – one straight off the reels and a blistering free spin round that promise so much in the way of magic money.

What is going on with the Dazzle Me base game?

The Dazzle Me base game is unconventional to say the least. There are no wild symbols, however you can hit three scatters to take you into the free spin round. The most unorthodox feature of these reels however are there ascending stop spaces. With five stops on the last reel, four stops on the middle reels and three stops on the first two reels this is more like WMS’s Zeus than a regular Net Entertainment game. Still with 76 pay-lines there’s plenty of opportunities for you to spin in a winner.

Why is Dazzle Me such an addictive playing experience?

Dazzle me is another Net Entertainment slot game that uses the big club sound on the back of the reels together with a new school front end. There’s something about the music that sets you up on that night out high where you get the feeling you could be a high roller in a disco themed casino. The graphics are bright, shiny and have a great look, combining with the music to give the whole production that neon edged atmosphere that’s so seductive and in line with the fashions of its 2015 release.

What is the Dazzle Me reel feature?

At any point during a base game spin you can ride on home with the wild reel feature. Out of nowhere between one and five reels will turn completely wild giving you a massive chance to stop in a huge prize. Of course, due to the random nature of this bonus sometimes you’ll connect beautifully with the reels here and spell out a ton of massive multiple combinations and at other times you might miss completely. That’s the joy of smartphone slots and it makes winning all the sweeter.

How does the Dazzle Me Free Spin round operate?

In normal fashion when you hit three scatters or more anywhere in view in the Dazzle Me base game you’ll be transported to a second set of reels where you’ll receive a number of free spins. As ever the more scatters you hit, the more spins you’ll land in the bonus bank. In addition to the standard features here there’s also the chance to link reels – this is where the configuration of stacked symbols on early reels is automatically matched on later reels giving you a ton more winning potential. Can’t be bad, can it?

Why should I play Dazzle Me?

If you’re looking for a slightly different mobile slots game experience then Dazzle Me is for you. This machine allows you to stop in some big wins across its 76 pay-line structure that comes complete with a ton of stacked symbols to help you on your search to land the big winners. This is a game that has it all – whilst many of the other more accessible Net Entertainment slots have cut out the bonuses this machine gives you two excellent features that round the experience off to perfection.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a chilling mobile slot game from those devilish developers down at Net Entertainment. This rave from the grave title is chock full of undead characters that will help you bleed some big wins and spins from its reels.

It features a high payout ratio with a similarly fast and furious feature activation frequency that will have you dripping with delight as you pocket some ungodly wins. With the same high level of detail to sound and graphics as you’ll always expect from this top class producer, this is one game that will have you up all night.

Anything I should know about the Blood Suckers Reel Game?

Blood Suckers is a fairly standard slot when you look at the basic reel game. There’s a five reel casino slot set up that’s going to be bread and butter to any smartphone slot fan that boasts a twenty five pay-line set up. This is complemented by a number of special symbols to help you maximise your returns:

– Wild Symbol – these are liberally splashed all over the place giving you a chance to make up winning combinations through substitution. The wilds hold the key to grabbing the biggest prizes from the reels and free spin round.

– Bonus Symbol – grab three of these across any of the Blood Sucker’s active pay-lines and you’ll gain entry into the superb second screen game.

– Scatters Symbols – a more conventional type of feature activating special – you’re rewarded with access into the free spin round if you can nail three of these in view following any spin.

What’s the Deal with the Blood Suckers Second Screen Game?

Stop in three of the bonus symbols on any active pay-line on the Blood Suckers grid and you’ll earn entry into the clever pick a win second screen game on offer here. This gives you the chance to select one of a number of coffins in a graveyard. Hit these and find a vampire and there’s a cash reward waiting for you. Avoid the empty graves as these will end your round, paying you out your winnings. This is a fun little feature that can see you land a hot run of prizes.

How does the Blood Suckers Free Spin Round work?

Stop in three or more of the Blood Suckers scatters anywhere in view on the base game grid and you’ll gain yourself access to the free spin round. Here, in classic smartphone slot style there’s ten free spins of the reels on offer for starters – the more scatters you hit the more spins you’ll receive. This comes together with a 3x multiplier on all your prizes for the duration of the round. This gives you an excellent chance to truly sink your teeth into some of the juiciest pay-outs on offer.

Why should I play Blood Suckers?

In my opinion Net Entertainment are yet to make a bad game. They have a consist run of successful titles that promise players a fun time at the reels with plenty of prizes to book. In their marketing material for this slot they claim they’ve aimed it at the younger player, but we’d argue it’s the perfect mobile slot for anyone looking for a fast paced blend of action.

With two great bonus features that never fail to offer you some great cash and a base game that’s dripping with wild symbols, Blood Suckers will always get you out of your coffin for a few spins.