High Society

High Society is a mobile slot game that can take you up to the skies. This fast paced twenty line title from Microgaming is geared up around its dual free spin round feature, which uses some innovative wild reel and locked wild techniques to help you bring in the cash.

Don’t be fooled by the classic base-game formula on offer from this slot, there’s a whole load of reel powered action waiting for you when you hit the bonus round, and with a pay-table that’s weighted towards the big combinations, this is one game that will keep you coming back for more…

How does the High Society Base-Game work?

The High Society base-game is very simple. This uses a classic five reel slot set up featuring twenty pay-lines giving you a format that’s instantly recognisable and immediately accessible. There are plenty of big wins available here with the top jackpot awards coming in at four thousand, five thousand and six thousand coins. However, it’s not just about the combination wins – there are a couple of special symbols to help you rake in the wins here. These are as follows:

– High Society Wild Symbol – These appear on the first and last reels of the slot game. They operate in the standard manner, substituting where-ever possible on the reels for any other symbol in the game, barring the bonus scatter.

– Money Scatters – Stop in three of these symbols anywhere in view on the base-game grid to take you into the free spin bonus round.

What is the Bonus Game Activation process in High Society?

High Society features two different free spin rounds. These are activated in the same manner – simply stop in the three scatters needed on the base-game grid to enter a second selection sub-screen. Here you get to choose from the two brilliant free spin rounds on offer from this slot. If you want to know what to expect from each round we’d suggest you try this title out on free-play and you can find the one that suits your playing style the best.

How does the Super Wild Bonus work on High Society?

The Super Wild bonus is the first bonus available on High Society. The more scatters you use to activate this round, the more free spins you’ll receive on the special reel set on offer from this cool feature, up to maximum of 20. During this bonus if you can stop in a wild symbol on the first or last reel of the game it will expand to turn the entire reel wild, giving you an opportunity to stop in some massive multi-line combos. You can even re-trigger the bonus here by stopping in wilds on both the first and last reels in view, adding a further ten spins to your count.

How does the Super Multiplier Bonus work on High Society?

No matter how many scatters you use to activate this bonus round you will always receive ten free spins. These take place on a special second set of reels where an incremental multiplier is applied to all your prizes – the more scatters you use to activate the bonus the bigger the multipliers on offer, which can reach as high as 10x. You can re-activate the bonus here too, by hitting wilds on the first and last reels on the same spin, which will add a further ten spins to your count.

Release date 2014
Reels 5
Paylines 20 fixed lines
RTP 96.71%
Min bet 2.5 coins per spin
Max bet 50 coins per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 6000 coins
Free Spins 10-20 free spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Football Star

Football Star

Play the Football Start Mobile Slot game and find out what it’s like to play for the best eleven in the world. What about taking your team to cup or league glory? Now you can experience the highs and lows of the beautiful game in one of the most action packed mobile slot game releases of 2014 – Football Star.

This title was launched around the time of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but its appeal is definitely timeless. With a great smartphone slot sound track and scorching hot visuals that hit the back of the net time after time, this is one game where you can make some big wins your goal.

What can I expect from the Football Star Base Game?

Like many of the top slots of the moment from Microgaming – think Thunderstruck II and The Twisted Circus, Football Star plays out across a 243 ways to win system. Here you’re paid out for any consecutive combination of symbols that read from left to right across the grid. In addition to this clever mechanism there are some super specials that will help you hit the wins and bonus rounds. These are as follows:

– Stacked Wilds – The signature Football Star wild symbol appears on the reels in vertical clusters on the reels, helping you make the big multiple combinations that have the power to spit out the big, big prizes. These hold the key to winning it big in the standard reel game. These stacks appear on the final three reels of this mobile slots game.

– Football Scatter – Hit in three or more of these special scatters anywhere in view on the base game grid to earn yourself access into the Football Star bonus round where you can score in some of the biggest wins on offer from this title.

How does the Football Star Rolling Reels feature work?

Football Star uses a special system of cascades called Rolling Reels, which is similar to the Free Falls system of Gonzo’s Quest and the Tumbling Reels of Da Vinci Diamonds. This works in the following manner – when you hit a combination win on the reels, the symbols that feature in it will disappear. This leaves spaces into which the symbols above on the grid can drop, forming new combinations and triggering the whole process time and time again.

What is the score with the Striking Wild bonus?

During any spin you can land the awesome Striking Wild bonus. The first indicator that this is coming your way is a crackle of electricity running across the game’s logo at the top of the screen. Then you’ll see an animation where a soccer player comes onto the reels and bangs between one and three shots at the game’s middle three reels. This turns them completely wild and guarantees you hit at least one win on the grid. The only downside to the bonus is that the Rolling Reels are turned off during this feature.

How does the Football Star free spin round work?

The Football Star free spin round is activated when you hit three, four or five scatters on the grid, giving you 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively. These are taken on a special second set of reels where you’ll be able to hit consecutive wins with the Rolling Reels feature – with each consecutive cascade adding a 1x multiplier to a total that’s applied to the next cascade. This multiplier can reach a total of 10x, giving your wins a huge boost and helping you grab the biggest trophy prizes on offer from this superb mobile slot game.

Why should I play Football Star?

Even though Football Star has some of the best graphics and sound effects you’ll find on any game, including a reel symbol that looks a little like it might be Mario Balotelli, this game definitely has it where it counts in the winning potential. There are loads of wins on offer in the base game with the stacked wilds and you can absolutely ramp up the fun when you hit the bonus round. With a 10x multiplier on offer there are some huge pay-outs waiting for you, especially if you can have the lucky run that sees your slot machine team finishing top of the league.

Release date 2014
Reels 5
Paylines 243 ways to win
RTP 96.42%
Min bet 50p
Max bet £250
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 625 coins
Free Spins 15-25 spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Cricket Star

Cricket Star

When you play our Cricket Star Mobile slot game, you no longer need to go to Lord’s for these kind of thrills when you can load up this superb game from Microgaming.

This top notch spinner knocks it clean out of the park for a straight six with its incredible presentation, featuring some of the best graphics and sounds you’ll find anywhere in the industry. With everything to play for and runs to be had, this is one title that will have you crying howzat.

What can I expect from the Cricket Star Base Game?

The Cricket Star base game plays out over a standard five reel casino set up. Like many of Microgaming’s top smartphone slot games this machine uses a 243 ways to win system that pays you out a prize for any combination of adjacent symbols. In addition to the standard pay-out system you can also activate a special cascading mechanism known as Rolling Reels. This pays you out a prize for any combination you hit – then the symbols on the reels disappear, leaving gaps into which the symbols above can drop, forming new combinations and triggering the whole process time and time again.

How about Special Symbols?

There are two special symbols on the reels of Cricket Star. You can find a ton of winning potential in the forty stacked wilds that appear on reels three, four and five that will help boost your wins and the bonus game is activated when you hit three or more of the special ball scatters anywhere in view on the base game grid.

How does the Wild Wickets Feature Work?

During any standard spin on Cricket Star you can trigger the amazing Wild Wickets bonus. This activates a cool animation where balls are bowled at the reels as if they were standard cricket stumps. If a ball hits one of these it turns the entire reel wild for the duration of that spin – guaranteeing a standard reel win. Unfortunately there are is no Rolling Reels mechanism available during this cool reel feature, but this won’t take away from the wins on offer.

What happens with the Cricket Star Free Spin Round?

Hit three or more of the scatters anywhere on the base game grid to activate the Cricket Star free spin round. The more scatters you hit, the more spins you’ll receive. You get to take your spins on a second set of reels – here every successive cascade you hit on any single spin will earn you one step up a multiplier ladder. The maximum you can gain here is a 10x accelerator on any standard prize you grab off the reels making this one of the most lucrative free spin rounds you’ll find on any of the Microgaming titles.

Why should I play Cricket Star?

If you’re a fan of Cricket then needless to say you’ll fall head over heels for this smartphone slot, but it does offer more than enough to keep both the casual fans and those completely uninterested in the sport coming back for another spin time after time. The base game is fast and furious and the stacked wilds when combined with the standard Rolling Reels feature have the power to turn this slot into a hyperfest of prizes. There’s more than enough action in the free spin to keep any slot junkie happy and thus we can’t recommend this slot enough.

Release date 2015
Reels 5
Paylines 243 ways to win
Min bet 50p per spin
Max bet £50 per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 250 x take
Free Spins 15-25 spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Break Da Bank Again

Break Da Bank Again

Mobile slots games don’t come any more classic than Break Da Bank Again. This Microgaming staple has been around for years and there’s a good reason for its longevity – it’s one of the most lucrative slots you’ll ever play. With a big multiplier in both the base-game and the bonus, there’s every chance for you to hit those massive winning combinations and break the online casino’s bank time and time again. If it’s original slot excellence you’re looking for with a touch of slot machine class, then this is definitely the game for you.

What can I expect from the Break Da Bank Again base-game?

The Break Da Bank Again base-game is fast, furious and a whole load of fun. Unlike many other slots of the moment it uses a low pay-line structure with only nine pay-lines spread across the five reel set up. This means that the pay-table is nicely ramped up as it doesn’t have to accommodate a large amount of low prices, keeping this slot on the highly profitable side. In addition to the standard symbols on the reels there are two specials to help you stop in the wins:

– Wild Multiplier – Break Da Bank Again features one of the biggest wild multipliers you’ll find on any slot machine. This symbol has the power to ramp up the standard prizes of any combination by a whopping five times.

– Scatter Symbol – Stop in three or more of these safe-based symbols anywhere in view on the base-game grid and you’ll be making your way into the Break Da Bank Again bonus round with a ton of free spins under your belt.

How does the Break Da Bank Again bonus work?

The Break Da Bank Again bonus round is accessed via a scatter activation system. Three scatters wins you fifteen spins, four scatters wins twenty spins and the maximum bonus award of twenty five spins is granted if you’re lucky enough to stop in five scatters anywhere in view. You get to take these bonus spins on a special second set of reels where all your wins are paid out at a whopping five times their normal listed value.

Do the Multipliers in Break Da Bank Again work together?

One of the best things about the multipliers in Break Da Bank Again is that they can combine to offer some simply stunning prizes. Unfortunately we’re not talking about the multipliers in the base-game – hit a win with more than one wild and you’ll only receive a single 5x multiplier on your payout. However the good news is that in the bonus game where all your wins are multiplied by 5x, the wild multipliers are still in full operation. If you can stop in a win featuring a wild during this feature, it’s paid out at 25x the standard listed pay-table value.

What kind of Bank is this slot machine breaking?

There are many rumours around the casino industry concerning the story behind the theme to Break Da Bank Again. Many players believe this mobile slot game to be inspired by the famous bank robbers and safebreakers of the 20th century. We have a completely different take on this title however – it is our opinion that Break Da Bank Again is all about breaking the casino bank and cleaning out the coffers of your favourite internet operator. This is the kind of game that offers such huge winners with its five times multiplier wilds and big bonus feature action that there’s every opportunity to take all the money the casino has stashed in its vault and then some… We think this is a much more interesting and intriguing back story and hope that it inspires you to give this classic slot a few spins of your time.

Release date 2012
Reels 5
Paylines 9
RTP 95.75%
Min bet 1p per payline
Max bet 25p per payline
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 1500 coins
Free Spins 15-25 free spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No


Dive into the reels of Microgaming’s new Ariana mobile slot game. This sumptuous aquatic themed slot has the power to excite and delight with its clever base game mechanism that sees you expanding winning symbols across the grid.

Throw in a massive free spin round that plays upon the classic casino mobile slot game elements and a ton of watery graphics and deep down sounds and you could be setting sail on a true ocean of action and fun.

What is the Deal with the Ariana Base Game?

The Ariana mobile slot base game is very simple. If you have played any kind of smartphone slot you’ll soon be able to pick up the hang of its five reel set up that features a twenty five pay-line structure. If you want to get the biggest wins out of this machine you’ll need to use the Ariana signature wild symbol that helps you complete combinations, and three or more of the starfish scatters will help you enter the free spin round. Also take note of the stacked symbols on offer from this machine as these play a big part in the action on offer.

How Does the Ariana Expanding Symbol Mechanism Work?

Ariana uses a system of stacked symbols. Stop in a complete stack of symbols on the first reel, and if this connects with any other symbols in subsequent reels as part of a winning combination, then these will expand to fill the entire reel. This includes wild symbols and jackpot symbols, which can turn the average spin into an absolutely monster mobile slots game win.

So What About the Ariana Free Spin Round?

If you like your mobile slots game bonus rounds then you are in for a treat on the reels of Ariana. Stop in three Starfish scatters anywhere in view to trigger this bonus and then you’re offer on a watery trip to a second set of reels where there are even more stacked symbols on the first reel. This means not only will you be taking fifteen free spins during this bonus round, but you will also have some superb chances to hit the expanding symbol mechanism. If you want big wins from a mobile slot game then Ariana is one title that absolutely has the power to deliver in a big, big way.

Why Should I Play Ariana?

If you like your mobile slots games with a slice of classic action then you can’t do any better than Ariana. This title has more than enough energy in the base game with the expanding symbol mechanism to keep most players happy, then when you throw in an extra free spin round into the mix you’re looking at a very attractive proposition. Unlike many other free spin machines this title has a high frequency for re-triggers in the bonus, meaning you’ll often come away with two or even three times the normal spin count. Whilst Ariana might lack some of the clever inventiveness of slots like Game of Thrones, Stickers and The Spin Lab it more than makes up for this deficit with its cool free spin round.

Release date 2015
Reels 5
Paylines 100 paylines
RTP 95.48%
Min bet 25p per spin
Max bet £125 per spin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 2500 coins
Free Spins 15 Spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Alaskan Fishing

Alaskan Fishing

The Alaskan Fishing mobile slot game gives you the chance to get out into the wild casino outdoors and hunt down some big game quarry in the form of some whopping wins. This title features some of the best mobile slots game artwork that you’ll find anywhere with a host of rich, hand-drawn symbols.

What can I expect from the Alaskan Fishing base game?

Alaskan Fishing is another slot from Microgaming that uses their special 243 ways to win system, paying you out for any combination of symbols on the grid. Like another one of their slots featured on our site – The Twisted Circus – this game still manages to give you a very exciting pay-table in line with this large pay out system. In addition to the standard symbols there are a number of specials available from this mobile slots game:
– Stacked Wilds – This is the signature Alaskan Fishing symbol. It acts as the game’s wilds, helping you complete winning combinations where-ever possible. The symbol stacks will make sure those wins appear all over the grid.

– Fly Fishing – This special fishing reel scatter only appears on the first and last reels of the grid. You will need to hit two of these to gain access to the brilliant Fly Fishing second screen bonus game on Alaskan Fishing.

– Tackle Box – The free spin feature on offer from Alaskan Fishing requires you to hit three of the tackle box scatters to activate its treasures. These can be hit on any reel, anywhere in view.

How does the Fly Fishing bonus game work?

You can get into the outdoors spirit with the Alaskan Fishing second screen bonus game. This takes you to a traditional fly fishing contest where you get to prove your skill with the rod, by seeing if you can land a prize pike out of the pool. Choose your fishing spots carefully and hook in your catch – each fish you hit will land you a tasty cash reward and if you can bag a bundle of big bonus bass then you’ll net yourself a huge amount of cash. There’s no secret to playing this game, just hit the water and you’re bound to land a good prize.

What can I expect from the Alaskan Fishing free spins?

Like any quality slot machine, the free spin round on Alaskan Fishing is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the game. When you hit the three scatters necessary to take you into this bonus, you’ll float off to a special second set of reels where you can hook yourself the biggest prizes on offer from this feature where all your prizes are trebled for the duration of your fifteen free spins.

Why should I play Alaskan Fishing?

Alaskan Fishing is one of those slot games that simply seems to manage to deliver on its promises. Whilst many slots out there have plenty of winning potential, few actually have the ability to turn this into cold, hard cash. Whilst this game obviously doesn’t guarantee that you’ll walk away a winner, it will always give you a good, fun ride where you’ll mix a good amount of hot streaks with some colder moments. All you have to do is judge when to take your haul of prizes home with you and you’ll be an expert fisherman.

Release date 2009
Reels 5
Paylines 243 Ways to win
RTP 96.63%
Min bet 1p per coin and 1 coin
Max bet 5p per coin and 10 coins
Second Screen Bonus Yes
Big Combo Jackpot 5000 coins
Free Spins 15 spins at 2x
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game No
Agent Jane Blonde

Agent Jane Blonde

The Agent Jane Blonde mobile slot game is an original from Microgaming. You can strap in with this femme fatale as she races round the reels looking for big action and even bigger wins. This is a classic internet slot with everything you need for a fine, fast base game together with a simply brilliant free spin round.

If you’re the type of player who loves to win, then you should get on board with this classy secret agent smartphone title. With plenty of original arcade style sound effects to accompany your spins and casino cartoon graphics, this is one machine that’s best to be shaken not stirred.

What can I expect from the Agent Jane Blonde Base Game?

The Agent Jane Blonde base game plays out over a ten pay-line set up using a standard five reel casino format. You can adjust your coin size, the number of coins you’re betting per line and the lines on which you’re betting to create your own bespoke wager. In addition to the standard icons there are the following two special symbols:

– Wild Multiplier – the wild multiplier not only helps you complete winning combinations on the grid, but will also double their prize paying value.

– Scatter Symbol – hit three or more of these anywhere in view on the base game grid to earn entry into this slot machine’s cool free spin round.

How does the Agent Jane Blonde Gamble Game Work?

Agent Jane Blonde features a clever gamble game. You can take any small win you receive from the reels here and risk it on the classic casino card flip gamble. If you can guess the colour of the next card off a pack then you’ll double your money, and if you’re good enough to predict its suit then you’ll gain a quadruple bounty on your stake. If you lose you return to the reels empty handed, but if you win you can gamble again in search of some big prize bounty from this quality smartphone slot.

What can I expect from the Agent Jane Blonde Feature Round?

You will need to hit three scatters anywhere in view in order to access the Agent Jane Blonde free spin round. This takes you to a second set of reels where all your wins are trebled for the duration of the bonus round. You receive fifteen free spins, which should be more than enough to land a very big bonus bounty with the chance to land in a further three or more scatters, adding an additional fifteen spins to your total. This is a generous bonus round that has the power to turn even the most dismal looking smartphone slot session into a glowing winner.

Can the Wild Multiplier still double your Wins in the Free Spin Round?

The Agent Jane Blonde wild multiplier still works in the free spin round, even though all your standard wins are trebled. This means that if you are lucky enough to make a combination in the free spin round that features the wild multiplier then you’ll be paid out a your prize at an enormous six times the listed pay-table value, giving you some of the biggest money on offer from this Microgaming mobile slot game.

Why should I play the Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Slot Game?

Agent Jane Blond is one of those slot games that offers some great wins without you having to sell your house to make the necessary stakes to get the returns you want. The ten pay-line structure means that you never have to over extend your budget and the brilliant gamble game gives you the chance to ramp up any smaller wins you hit on the reels. This means that the bonus game is the cherry on this cash rich cake with the power to pay you out some truly monster wins over the duration of your free spins. When you put together all these parts you are looking at a truly playable online slot game that never fails to disappoint.

Release date 2010
Reels 5
Paylines 10 pay-lines
RTP 95.87%
Min bet 1p per coin
Max bet £1 per coin
Second Screen Bonus No
Big Combo Jackpot 10000 coins
Free Spins 15 spins
Progressive Jackpot No
Gamble Game Yes